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Telephone & Computer Forensic Services


We have used Stuart Banks for a number of years for our cell site and computer forensic work. He has always produced excellent meticulous reports which were both easy to understand and thorough. He has assisted on serious murder, firearms and sexual offences.

I am happy to recommend him to others and he will always be my first choice in his area of expertise.

Experienced paralegal, established and highly respected solicitors with multiple sites throughout London.

Digital Forensic Case Studies

Examination of telephone and computer evidence has been performed in many hundreds of cases. These have ranged from high-profile matters of national significance, to civil disputes requiring expert interpretation. The following are examples of such cases.

Cell Site Analysis and Call Pattern Investigations - Criminal Matter, 2009

The investigations performed included substantial call pattern investigations and radio surveys on the London Underground to test the theories being suggested. The defendant was acquitted by the jury. 

Computer Forensic and Smartphone Investigations - Criminal Matter 2013

A substantial volume of computer, tablet, 'cloud' (data recovered from online data storage providers) and mobile phone evidence (said to be the largest quantity of data the Investigating Force had ever handled) was examined. Significant simplification of the evidence was necessary so that the data could be accurately understood by the instructing party. The defendant pleaded guilty to charges that were accepted by the prosecution.

Computer Forensic Investigations - Criminal Matter 2014

Simplification of a high-profile user's browsing history, identification of the source material, and the development of a joint report with a prosecution expert, led to the charges being dropped by the prosecution.  

Cell Site Analysis and Mobile Phone Downloads - Criminal Matter, 2016

Thorough examination of the telephone evidence (at short notice) identified that the defendant had not been in contact with alleged co-conspirators on significant dates, and text messages recovered from a handset seized from the defendant were incorrectly dated and could not have been sent by the SIM card attributed to him. The defendant was acquitted of the conspiracy by the jury.

Computer/Smartphone Forensic Investigations - Criminal Matters, 2016 - 2017

Multiple, high-profile, multi-device, multi-defendant examinations and investigations have been performed (often at short notice). Significant volumes of communication data has been recovered and simplified. Lengthy Prosecution Communication Schedules/Timelines have been audited (and updated where necessary). Investigations have included the reverse-engineering of application system files to recreate and reproduce user activity, leading to significant admissions being obtained. 

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